Your Guide to Ultimate Arcade

Your Guide to Ultimate Arcade

Welcome to the premiere skills-based online arcade. This is your guide to Ultimate Arcade, and it'll explain everything you need to know to start earning! Please remember that skills-based contests are not legal everywhere, and you must be 18+ to participate.

Are you ready to put your skills to the test with Ultimate Arcade? We are the premiere skills-based platform; play and win real cash in a selection of massive multiplayer PVP games! First, you'll want to create an account.

Ultimate Arcade Signup Page

The first game on the Ultimate Arcade platform is Cyber Worms, a fast-paced 2D game that pits you against other players from around the world. The objective is simple: gain mass and kill other worms by having them hit your ever-growing tail! Each time you get a kill, you're awarded all the tokens that player had before they died* - but be careful, if you get killed by another worm you'll lose all of your tokens too! The controls are very easy: drag your mouse around the screen to control the direction your worm moves. Click your left mouse to boost your worm, but keep in mind that boosting uses mass!

Ultimate Arcade's debut game: Cyber Worms

You gain mass by moving your worm over the food, which is not only scattered across the map but also expelled from other worms when they boost or when they die. The more food you eat, the bigger you get, and the more of an advantage you have over other worms. Food does not correlate to tokens, and has no monetary value.

Tokens are gained from killing other players. When another player runs into your tail, they will disappear, and their tokens will automatically be transferred to your current pot in the existing game. You still have to cash out those tokens, and if you do not cash out before you are killed, you will lose all of the tokens you obtained from killing players, as well as the cost of the lobby. To cash out, you must hold ESC for two seconds. During this time, you will not be able to move your worm, so you will have to ensure you won't run into anything for the two seconds you are cashing out.

If you decide not to cash out, you can release the ESC button and you will be able to control your worm again immediately!

Upon successfully cashing out of a match, the tokens will be automatically transferred to your account wallet, and those tokens are immediately available to withdrawal or play more matches with. An Ultimate Arcade token is an in-game unit of currency, equal to $0.01 USD (1000 tokens = $10 USD).

Win Screen

Cyber Worms has three different lobbies (with more on the way): 0 tokens (free), 10 tokens ($0.10), and 100 tokens ($1.00). Each of these token values represents the amount of coins necessary to play in the lobby, or how many tokens you need to start playing in this lobby.

If you would like to deposit more tokens into your account, that's very easy! Head on over to our Deposit Page, input the number of tokens you want, and then connect your PayPal! From there, the tokens will be deposited right into your account, and you can start playing immediately. Don't forget, we're running a $25 first deposit match for our launch! Withdrawing is just as easy, just connect your PayPal and withdraw your tokens, converting them to real cash!

Deposit Screen
Withdrawal Screen

Rollover tokens are acquired from Bonuses - any tokens you get from a bonus must be "rolled over", meaning the equivalent must either be won or lost. As you win or lose tokens, your rollover will decrease as withdrawable tokens increases.


What is Ultimate Arcade?

Ultimate Arcade is a virtual arcade that offers competitive games that users can compete to win real cash.

What are tokens?

Tokens are what are used to compete in skill-based cash games. Tokens can be purchased and withdrawn via PayPal and other offered payment methods. 1 token is equivalent to 1 cent USD.

How can I withdraw money?

Navigate to your account and click on withdraw to see your eligible withdrawal amount.

What are bonus tokens?

Bonus tokens are additional tokens given on sign-up, deposit, or through some other promotion. Bonus tokens are subjected to rollover.

What does withdrawable mean?

Withdrawable is the total amount of tokens that are eligible for withdrawal. A $5 minimum is imposed on withdrawals because of fees related to processing.

Why is there a minimum deposit requirement?

A $5 minimum is imposed because of payment processing fees.

What does rollover mean?

Rollover applies only to bonus credits. Rollover is the net amount of tokens lost and won required to be able to withdraw bonus tokens for cash. For example, if you deposit $25, you will receive 2500 tokens for depositing and then an additional 2500 tokens in deposit matching. Your rollover would be 2500. If you play an arcade game and win an additional 100 tokens, your rollover will be decreased to 2400 tokens and your total withdrawable will be 2600. A 100 token loss would also reduce your rollover by an equivalent amount. If you withdraw prior to reaching zero on your rollover, you will lose an equal amount of bonus tokens.

Why can’t I play?
Your account may be restricted or you may be trying to join a token lobby from a restricted state. If you are having issues, please contact

Is this Gambling?
No, Ultimate Arcade games are strictly skill based contests and have been approved by appropriate legal council.

Have more questions? Contact our Support Bot in our official Discord Server. Keep an eye out on our blog too, as we'll be announcing more giveaways and contests!

*Ultimate Arcade receives 10% of each in-game "token transfer" - when you kill another player, you get 90% of their total tokens (ex. Player A has 10 tokens and Player B has 10 tokens. If Player A kills Player B, they will now have 19 tokens, having won 9 tokens from killing Player B).

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