What is the Ultimate Tournament eSportsbook™ App?

What is the Ultimate Tournament eSportsbook™ App?

The new Ultimate Tournament eSportsbook™ App allows you to put your knowledge of eSports to the test, with live simulated wagering of popular eSports matches around the world, there's never not an opportunity to open the app and start playing! In this article, we will explore the new eSportsbook™ app, its features, and what to expect next from Ultimate Tournament. So let's dive in.

After you create your account, you'll have a chance to see all of the different matches happening, both Upcoming and Live. The dynamic interface allows you to easily navigate to the game you like, and from there finding a match is easy! With live odds, you'll always be ready to make an educated decision on who to wager your Bet Credits on.

Bet Credits are the in-game tokens that run the whole show... You can purchase Bet Credits in the Shop in the app, and wager them on any eSports match in our database. Remember, these Bet Credits are not redeemable for real prizes or cash, but can be used to place bets on eSports matches.

The other feature of the eSportsbook™ app is XP. These experience points can be collected from placing bets, winning bets, and completing daily challenges! You can even use (or buy) XP multipliers in the store to level up your experience, and gain more XP from anything you do. XP unlocks new emblems and banners for your profile, and more features are being released every week!

So let's say you downloaded the app, registered your account, and now you have 10k Bet Credits you don't know what to do with. What now? Easy.

Open the eSportsbook™ app and navigate to the match of your choosing, and from there, asses the current situation. Once you're ready, just place a bet, and you're set! You can always check your current and previous Bet Slips in the app at any time, and if you change your mind, you can cancel your Bet Slip before the match starts. Once the match starts, you'll receive a notification with a link to the Live match on Twitch, and you can watch your favorite teams duke it out online.

But look, don't just take my word for it: If you want to check it out for yourself, use the links below to download the app from the Apple or Google Play Store!

Stay Ultimate!

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