Video Games for Your Holiday 2021 List

Video Games for Your Holiday 2021 List

Whether you like it or not, your favorite RPG game will fade into the woodwork. Or perhaps you'll have every mission or task completed and get bored of it. Irrespective of the situation you fall in, remember you can’t play a video game for eternity, not even that beloved video game on your Xbox.

In order to make waves in the gaming world, you must always update your video games list regularly. Fortunately for you, the video game market is a space where there is always a product for you to purchase. So, what you take home depends on your purchasing power, skill and taste. With all these put in mind, we have a little bit of a secret to share with you. You are wondering why we used the word “secret”, right? Yes, this information is secretive because it is not available for all gamers. But since you are fortunate to get this from the horse’s mouth, let’s check out some of the newly released video games, the developer’s take on them and what users are saying about these games. Shall we?

Battlefield 2042

Welcome to 2042! Oh, you are thinking it is not even 2022 yet, why 2042? Like you, we were also surprised why this video game was tagged 2042, however, our research shows that the quality, events and tasks in this video game are far beyond the current world.

Battlefield 2042 is an iconic all-out warfare video game that hit the gaming market on November 19th, 2021. We have played all the previously released Franchise’s Battlefield games and none is more thrilling, fun-filled and engaging like 2042. With a cutting-edge arsenal in your possession, explore and overcome dynamically-changing battlegrounds with your fighters. Perhaps, you never had the experience of playing the old Battlefield: Bad Company 2 or Battlefield 3, this video game is a replay of these old versions including the classic Battlefield 1942 with so many exciting actions.

Besides exploring and fighting enemies in this game is a piece of cake. With the maps, you get a better sense of the spectacular all-out war experience of the game. Unlike other Franchise games, this model includes 7 massive maps to guide your movement across multiple distinct combat areas, so you don’t have to spend all day playing in the wrong zone. Don’t forget this video game is compatible with Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. However, you can only play with 64 players on Xbox One and PS4. So, if you are interested in playing with 128 players, break your bank!

Like us, Battlefield 2042’s developer also feels on top of the world with this video game. Besides making this video game compatible with many gaming systems, DICE also designed this game with so many top-quality gaming features. The Specialist system has not only made this game top-rated but has also spread DICE’s reputation like wildfire. While DICE is the main developer, there are other brands like Criterion Games and EA Gothenburg who also handled the development of this game. These developers feel your survival on this adventure solely depends on teamwork and you need to tweak things for yourself to be at the peak with this game.

However, there have been diverse feedbacks from gamers. For some gamers, the three-game types in 2042 make this game endless and everlasting. On another hand, other gamers believed the idea of setting the action into the near future is unnecessary and the game should have been all about reigniting the feeling of the old Battlefields. In all, Battlefield 2042 is a video game that would always steal your heart at the slightest opportunity.

Halo Infinite

Having waited for so long, the legendary Halo Series is back! This video game is here this time around to get you by the short hair. Named Halo Infinite, this action event comes with so many attractive gaming features that take you completely off the head. Its expansive Master Chief campaign will take your head over heels in love and the ground-breaking free to play multiplayer experience is a jewel in the crown.

Halo Infinite is an FPS series launched on December 8, 2021, and released to be enjoyed on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One as well as Microsoft Windows. Unlike the previous Halo Series, this model is available in both single and multiplayer systems, offering you the chance not only to share this great experience with other players but also to get feedback on your gaming skills. As the Master Chief, move your Warthog against your enemies, crush and capture them and protect humankind from the torment of the Banished who has seized the mysterious Zeta Halo.

Besides, there are more than enough tasks in this game to keep you in the shooting actions always. No wonder it is named “Infinite”, it is truly endless. Whether you decide to go for the Marine squads to rescue tasks, “high-value targets” to eliminate or Banished propaganda towers to destroy, each mission is made as a hare. With each task completed, you would get rewards like new vehicles and weapons (player Valor), to prepare for what is coming ahead.

Like other top games in the gaming market, Halo Infinite is designed and developed by 343 Industries. This developer feels that Halo Infinite is the wildest and adventure-filled Halo Series. For the first time in Halo, the Master Chief task is beyond seizing back the Zeta Halo. Yet, the multiplayer experience has helped this video game set one of the highest thresholds that any other Halo Series might never reach.

Also, gamers have come out to share their different perspectives about this video game. Hardly will you find any condemnation regarding the visuals, which should be taking 6 stars rating. In another sense, this video game hasn’t met all players’ expectations. The customization idea is a downside on Halo’s side. You can’t promise players customization if they earn a particular amount and yet hold the offer. Even those who had struggled to purchase the customization option see it as the only means to make money and nothing more. In all, don’t miss out on this Spartan Journey with tight and satisfying gunplay as well as numerous loads of memorable moments.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition

As the name implies, this GTA is the mother of all Grand Theft Auto Series since inception. Although Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas represents more real-life elements, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has provided a life picture of people and event life in Miami and Grand Theft Auto III keeps you in the crime and gang warfare, this Definitive Edition spices up the whole GTA Series. Being a compilation of these three action-adventure games, explore three iconic cities in three epic stories all in one game.

Grove Street Games developed this video game while Rockstar Games is published. Released on November 11, 2021, this video game was launched for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch as well as Microsoft Windows. iOS or Android users shouldn’t feel left out yet, by the first half of 2022, you should start exploring these crime cities on your mobile devices.

Like never, it is simple and delightful to play these classic games with the new GTVA-style controller layout. Unlike where you have to wait for a whole extended time to restart a mission after a failed one, this controller layout offers the ability to kick off a new game without waiting for long. What you would also get in The Definitive Edition is enhanced visuals with improved graphics and enough speed.

For PS5 and Xbox Series X system owners, there is a special gaming feature for you. Anxious about what it could be? It’s the 4K-resolution with up to 60 FPS performance to get the best of this video game. Perhaps this feature will lure you into getting any of these systems.

What Grove Street Games feel is that creating a new story for the latest GTA series might not be catching enough for the existing or new gamers. So, it decided to work on the existing stories, however, cooking some aesthetics to it to make it not only thrilling but visually attractive. Like the developer, the gamers also feel the existing GTA games should maintain their presence in the gaming market. Even when Rockstar decided to remove them from the store, the GTA fans browned off and had these three existing versions restored on the Rockstar Store.

Call of Duty: Vanguard

Our list of top recently released video games is incomplete without this FPS game! You are wondering why? Yes, you should wonder why we must include this video game when there are several alternatives. However, it would be a great disappointment on our end to make you miss out on this action-packed shooting game. Unlike the previous Call of Duty Series, Vanguard does not only come with an interesting storyline but also with exciting game modes. Launched on November 5, 2021, this video game is released for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 as well as Microsoft Windows.

Like the Birth of Jesus, this Video game storyline features the birth of special forces. However, unlike the former, the latter is here to end the war of the theaters of World War II. Like in Modern Warfare, you can also execute takedowns, interact with doors and even mount wielded weapons to flat surfaces in this series. While playing a difficult game mode, you can create a new path where there wasn’t a way before. But you need to climb walls to do this to ensure you complete your tasks.

Vanguard is designed with three gameplay modes including the Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies modes for gamers who enjoy shooting down the dead. While you are playing against your friend in the multiplayer mode, remember there are 20 maps with 4 for the “Champion Hill” game mode and the other 16 for core game modes. Also, you can play in Trios (3v3), Duos (2v2) or in Solos (1v1) depending on your choice. Irrespective of the style you prefer, your survival depends on being the last man standing at the end of the tournament.

Apart from the Zombies mode, both the multiplayer and campaign gameplay has won the heart of all gamers including us. According to one of the fans, “This might just be the best collection of launch maps of any Call of Duty game in recent memory”. As short as the campaign is, the events and scenes in it are memorable.

However, while both multiplayer and campaign have been on the praising side, the zombie has decided to stay under the condemning umbrella. It has not had it well with the gamers. Many criticized this mode for just being a prologue to the Black Ops Cold War story and an expansion of the Dark Aether event.

Wrap Up

Fortunately for all gamers, all these unique and interesting video games have all returned at the right time. So, whether you decide to try out Battlefield 2042, Halo Infinite, GTA: Definitive Edition or Call of Duty, you would get nothing other than an outstanding video game, with visually appealing scenes, developed by top-rated companies across the globe.

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