Ultimate Arcade x Y Combinator

It is with great excitement to announce that Ultimate Tournament has been accepted into the Y Combinator summer 2022 session. We are very excited to be a part of the YC community and are very optimistic for what the future holds.

We had initially applied to Y Combinator over a year ago only to fall short at the interview stage. We took the feedback from the YC partners to heart and greatly re-evaluated our company, our objectives and our strategy.

We had initially set out to create a brand new eSports book built on the latest technology, which we were actually able to do. The product was built and functioned exactly as we had intended it to. But we had greatly underestimated the time and capital required to obtain the proper legal clearance to operate an eSportsbook. So we pivoted.

We were discussing different paths for us to take, and with our new knowledge on Gaming/Gambling we realized we could create skill based games that do not fall under the category of gambling. Thus we created Ultimate Arcade (https://ultimatearcade.io ), a platform with a growing collection of skill based games that allows players to compete for real money. Once we had that idea set, we just went off building. Building the games, the referral systems, the player base, the compliance components, the payment systems, and everything else we needed to get this thing off the ground. We took the platform from idea to product in just over 9 weeks and have been rapidly iterating since to improve our product market fit. It was around this time that we applied for the YC S22 session.

We applied at the very last day possible, and then just continued to build and expand as quickly as possible so that we could prove that we had growth potential before we even heard back from YC. Finally we got the email saying we had an interview, we were excited, but ready. We didn’t do much prep besides going over our statistics, and making sure we had important information such as DAU, and CAC memorized. Our goal was to answer the questions as quickly and as concisely as possible so that the YC partners had time to ask as many questions as they could. The 10 minute interview flew by, and we felt good about it. It was concise, clean, and to the point.

After the YC interview stage they typically give you a call if you are in, or an email if they pass. We received an email. But the email stated that they wanted to meet for a second time later that day. We were in uncharted territory at this point. We had no idea what they wanted! So we met again a second time mostly just to go over some more information, and to make sure we were truly able to fulfill the vision of our company. From there we got the call!

We are super excited to be a part of YC and can’t wait to see what this summer holds for us!

Stay Ultimate,

Alex Pickett, CEO

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