Ultimate Tournament Early Access

Ultimate Tournament Early Access

We are happy to announce that we have launched early access to the Ultimate Tournament eSportsbook™ to a select group of testers. On Saturday, July 17th we approved the first batch of EATS (early access testers) to sign up and begin to test the Ultimate Tournament eSportsbook™ with $10,000 in faux cash. The early access testers will provide us with the necessary KPIs, feedback, and stress tests needed to squash bugs and optimize the Ultimate Tournament eSportsbook™ as we get closer to official testing and a live launch.

The early access version of the application lets users register, customize accounts, and place bets on real matches for games such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Dota 2, Valorant, and League of Legends. Users are able to browse our in-depth real-time bet data, view live streams, and track their bets with our highly interactive bet slip system. The Ultimate Tournament eSportsbook betting engine is designed to be rapidly scalable, flexible while remaining fully compliant and aims to give users the modern speeds they expect from modern apps that are sorely lacking from existing wagering platforms. Ultimate Tournament will be able to rapidly iterate on changes and suggestions provided by early access testers and build a truly novel product unlike anything in the existing gaming world.

The Robinhood Effect

For a very long time, stock and options trading was limited to only a tiny portion of the population because of how complex trading actually is. Robinhood was able to take several very complex monetary tools, and boil it down to an app that is as accessible as Instagram or any other modern app. We plan to re-create that same effect but for eSports betting. By trimming away clutter, confusing layouts, and optimizing the betting flow, Ultimate Tournament is easy enough to use that just about anyone can pick up the app and within five minutes, place a wager on an eSports match.

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