Ultimate Arcade Newsletter: July 2022

We made it to July: now go outside!

The birds are chirping, people are outside walking, and we’re sitting behind our computers for eight hours straight because... the Ultimate Arcade is getting a massive upgrade! We’re introducing a whole new way to get paid playing video games! Read on and we’ll tell you a bit about what we’ve been working on.

Stay Ultimate,
Alex Pickett, CEO


...and Litecoin

Leaderboards are a new concept in the Arcade, but they're pretty easy to understand... your score goes on the leaderboard, and dependent on your rank, at the end of the leaderboard period (could be 24 hours, 3 hours, 6... but you'll know how long until it closes) you get paid out a percentage of the pot (fees from all players of that game). This payout will be unique to every game, so you might not get the same percentage on one game that you would get on another. So invite your friends, because the more players, the bigger the pot will be...

... and now that pot can be withdrawn in Litecoin! Litecoin deposits and withdraws are now available on Ultimate Arcade, meaning, you can get your $10 referral bonus with basically no fees!

Early Access

Early Access is also a brand new concept coming to the Arcade: before games are fully integrated onto the platform, we want to share some of our favorite games coming to the Arcade with you! All Early Access games are free to play, meaning no buy-in is involved and you can not win any money. As you play the Early Access games, we will open up channels in our Discord to get your feedback on each game: It will help us make the best games for the Arcade in the long run!

And because you all have been so patient with us, we thought you might like it if we introduced you to a few new games hitting Early Access this week. Yeah, you read that right. This motherf****** week.

New Games

Super Retro Chase

Drift fast, lose cops, get cash, upgrade your vehicle and gear up for the next drive in this fast-paced arcade-style racing game

Super Retro Chase is simple: you're driving a crazy fast car in a barren and infinite plane being chased by cops trying to hit checkpoints for points! These checkpoints are flags around the map surrounded by circles; you have to keep your car within the circle until it "fills up" and the circle changes color fully... I know it makes no sense you gotta play it to see it! Upon completing a checkpoint, it will explode into a bunch of cubes that you can drive through to get even more points. Be careful with the cops though, as they'll be doing their best to GTA-style ram into your car. If your "Condition" (Health) reaches 0, your life ends.

You have three lives to get as many points as possible; however, you can spend these points in game to upgrade your car. It's up to you to decide how much you want to upgrade your car!


Watch out, Wordle!

Claustrowordia is a crossword type game but there are no hints to how to fill the board, instead you're free to fill it however you please. Well there is the small exception of having only a handful of available letters per move to choose from. Longer words score for more and there is a multiplier that increases for every formed word per placed letter.

Every ten placed letters, you can choose a bit of a "twist" in helping you keep the board from not filling (ie. the game ending) and so to speak, delaying the inevitable.

Penalty Rush

Block goals and collect coins in the latest arcade game from ScoreSpace! In Penalty Rush you play as a goalie that has to block a never-ending stream of penalty kicks. Challenge yourself to get as many goals as possible before running out of lives!

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