Ultimate Gaming Newsletter: December 6th, 2021

Ultimate Gaming Newsletter: December 6th, 2021

This week’s news tends to highlight the pitfalls that come with big game development - and the expectations that come with them. From EA’s plans to make Battlefield a thing to bots wrecking Amazon’s MMORPG economy, here are the video game news headlines for the week starting December 6th:

EA Wants to Launch a “Battlefield Universe” for Some Reason

If you know anything about Battlefield 2042, you know that it hasn’t had an easy launch. Has anything had an easy time in this week’s news headlines? Nope, it definitely looks like we’re in a bit of a rough patch with some titles but, then again, when it comes to shooters, problems usually indicate success. But in the case of Battlefield 2042, it seems like the real problem is everything. Lack of features, bugs, numerous quality-of-life complaints...you know, the laundry list that accompanies big-budget games that fall short. Well, interestingly, EA thinks this is a great time to start discussing a “Battlefield Universe” of content a la Marvel under Disney. Whatever the case, it looks like it is all full-steam ahead over at EA in transforming Battlefield into one of its top properties - and fast.

Steam Deck Not Looking for Exclusive Titles

You have to hand it to Valve; no matter what happens, they keep on trying with the console thing. This time it is the Nintendo Switch-like Steam Deck. It all sounds like a great idea in concept and probably will get more than a few takers in execution but it’s not going to do that on the back of a raft of exclusive titles. Valve isn’t pursuing the strategy that so many console manufacturers rely upon and will, instead, be somewhat agnostic as a platform (just like its Steam namesake). There’s even a response on the Steam Deck dev FAQ that rejects the notion of exclusive titles out of hand completely. Given that kind of strong language, we can pretty much rule out the Steam Deck having its own exclusives but it doesn’t mean that we can rule it out as a system as Valve tends to have more than enough of a dedicated fanbase - with or without exclusives - that can more than carry the day.

Physical Copies of GTA Trilogy on Hold for Now

Video games releasing in a less-than-ideal condition is becoming a theme of the past couple of years, and it doesn’t get any easier for gamers or publishers no matter how common it becomes. The GTA Trilogy was a pretty hyped-up set of three classic PS2-era GTA games. You would think this would be great in time for the winter shopping season, but the release has been anything but that. From sloppy conversions to questionable design choices, GTA Trilogy had some issues. Luckily for us, Rockstar is on it and addressing most of them as we speak. Even so, there may be too many to take care of prior to a physical release which the company is now postponing. Are digital download players the new beta testers of the modern age? It certainly feels that way but at least it is getting fixed. That is what matters to most gamers. As for when the physical release will happen, we suspect sometime after these issues are ironed out though Rockstar has kept quiet on a specific date.

Halo Infinite on PC Experience Marred by Cheaters

It looks like Microsoft is getting a little bit of a taste of the New World’s woes (covered later) as their big, new flagship title is apparently a cheaters paradise on PC (what isn’t?). The only problem is that it is really ruining the experience for some gamers, namely, those who are probably playing on the PC but started their Halo career on one of Microsoft’s many systems. 343 is promising they will handle the problem while some in the press have noted that it might not be as simple as issuing a patch. That’s because Halo Infinite relies upon server-side methods for detecting cheaters rather than client-side anti-cheat measures. The problem has gotten so bad that some console gamers are asking Microsoft for a way to disable PC crossplay capabilities until the issue is sorted out.

Fans Trying to Make Mother 4 Before Nintendo Shuts Them Down

Those Earthbound folk sure are a dedicated lot, and this latest snippet proves that. Then again, it could just be Nintendo fans in general. They’re a fanatical bunch, even if the Big N isn’t too keen on them making their own stuff using the company’s IP. It’s probably only a matter of time before something comes floating this group’s way but, in the meantime, it’s great to see what fans are capable of making these days. The only question now is how long it takes before Nintendo notices all of this and puts the eye of Sauron on the project, killing it in its tracks. We’re not being pessimists, just going by previous behavior on Nintendo’s part.

Bots Causing Chaos in New World’s Economy

It seems like Amazon’s latest effort in the video game realm can’t catch a break. Then again, some might say that picking an MMORPG as one of your first major forays into triple-A, blockbuster gaming is destined to be fraught with its own issues but we digress. So, what’s wrong over in the New World? Apparently, bots are taking all of the resources before human players have a chance, and, coupled with the way the economy is structured in-game, this phenomenon is causing a market collapse. Yet, as anyone who has played an MMORPG can tell you, this probably should’ve been something the devs prepared for prior to launching the game but, like a bunch of other things gone wrong so far with the New World, this is just one among many fires they’re currently trying to put out. That said, early reviews were really positive and, problems aside, there does seem to be a dedicated player base to carry the game into the future.

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