Ultimate Gaming Newsletter: December 20th, 2021

Ultimate Gaming Newsletter: December 20th, 2021

A week to Xmas and the gaming world is going to great pains to ensure you all have a thrilling and exciting festive mood. You don’t have to nose around for gaming news this holiday as we have some key video highlights right here!

We are happy to inform you that Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris is hitting the market this weekend with incredible rewards. So, you have the chance to show off your PvP skills again this weekend. Besides, you can pick up a hot new Adept weapon and other weapons as rewards.

Speaking of Rocket League’s Formula, the Super Buckyball tournament now has new superhero characters infused into it. Have you ever imagined how Rocket League would look like when Overwatch or Apex Legends is injected into it? Then you should check out this latest development.

If you are one of those who have criticized STALKER 2’s plan to take up NTF, you have successfully halted this movement. This game world announced that its fans and players' priority comes first. This news and many more are available on our video game headlines for the week starting December 20th.

Trials of Osiris returns to Destiny 2 this weekend with a bang!

Since we are off the Iron Banner’s week, Trials of Osiris is back with a bang. When we say a bang, we mean higher chances to loot new weapons especially Adapt mods and weapons. This event is usually live from Friday 1:00 PM (EST) through Tuesday 1:00 PM (EST). If you think you are likely to miss the kickoff while barbecuing, you should turn our notification on. That aside, you should expect a change to the gaming system this weekend, especially the Flawless pool. Suspicious already? Lol…. never be too anxious, you will learn about this new idea on Friday.

In all, this weekend's Trials of Osiris promises to be fun-filled and better than before. Do you know why? Unlike previous seasons, it is easy to acquire a lot of fighting gear this period, even if you are a novice. As a matter of fact, going Flawless this time means going above the sky. Destiny 2 has more than high-quality rewards for you anyway. However, ensure you achieve 7 straight wins without losing before you come for your prize.

Whether you are playing Flawless pool, matchmaking, or any other activities in Destiny 2, remember you are up for some unique rewards like the Exclusive weapons, High-stat armor, Pinnacle gear rewards, as well as the Masterwork materials. We don’t think you should have any "L” in your book with these rewards. Also, don’t forget matchmaking is now available for single or multiple players. So, you can lure your greatest enemy for revenge this Saturday.

Play with New Superhero Characters in Rocket League’s Formula at Super Buckyball Tournament

If you know anything about Super Buckyball Tournament, you will realize that this competition is more than just a video game. Have you ever wondered about playing a sports game with aliens or characters better than Messi or Ronaldo? If you have no fun-filled game in your book to play this period, check out this video game, and you might celebrate your Xmas while holding game control all through.

Super Bucky Tournament is an action multiplayer sports game with more than a dozen characters. These players aren’t just typical made-up characters, they are characters with superpowers. For days, we have been anticipating the launching of this game. Probably, Pathea has held its introduction into the gaming market to starve us of this interesting online event. Finally, we can access this video game even with some new special features.

This physics-based soccer game now has Apex Legends, and Overwatch injected into this video game. That’s, you can explore the levels in each tournament with Baptiste or Doomfist from Overwatch or Bloodhound or Pathfinder from Apex Legend.

Besides the single-play mode, get your friends, pick an outstanding galaxy stadium, pick your superhero, and start running after the ultimate trophy. If you think you might lose on your first trial, then play the casual mode and prepare for the competitive mode from there.

You don’t have to burn your money watching YouTube videos to learn how to play this video game. If possible, the game should be renamed Easy Super Bucky Tournament because you only need to pass, kick and fight your way to the enemy's home.

STALKER 2’s has put aside its plan to use NFTs: Fans criticism has stopped this game world from hopping into the NFT bandwagon

For months now, NFT (non-fungible tokens) has remained on every trending list in the digital world. Not even the new variant of Covid-19 or its spread can dethrone this new king. Like every significant stakeholder, STALKER 2 has decided to follow this trend and sell the ability to appear as an in-game NPC using NFTs. Unfortunately, STALKER took a high road to NFT and lost its way. Initially, GSC Game World’s plan is its nicknaming rights of the in-game product, including badges, skins, gloves, and desk using the NFTs. Later, it promises to feature NFT buyers in the upcoming events by scanning them. However, many fans didn’t buy this idea, and many backlashed this brand for taking such a step.

Another straw that broke the camel’s back involves NFTs in STALKER 2. We all know Valve has prevented selling NFT-based games on the storefront. Valve being a brother Steam where STALKER 2 sells most of its games, the NFT news has brought a remarkable decline to the relationship of these brands. Before the final decision to kill this plan prematurely, STALKER 2 has several moments argued that they aren’t introducing NFTs into the game. Instead, they are only planning to sell their brand using this cryptocurrency. However, all these arguments have fallen on Xbox’s deaf ear. In fact, Phil Spencer, the Xbox’s boss, has come out openly to criticize the incorporation of NFTs in video games. He has been a great enemy to this cryptocurrency since its inception.

From the look of things, the idea of getting NFT into video games is a no dice as long as STALKER 2 continues to mingle with Steam. But it can still find other methods to sell the in-game items or reward the fans. Ubisoft is the recent victim of the NFT dislike and got a fair share of the criticism after creating a video about this digital technology. If you had seen the video, then you must be the real Smallville, as the brand took down the video in a short period.

Play 5 New Saga Genesis Games in the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack Library

As of October 2021, Nintendo only offers NES and SNES titles as its Switch Online service. Many of us enjoyed these games, especially the accessibility to online multiplayer, where you can enter competitions with your friends without leaving your home. Don’t forget we didn’t pay a penny to play the online multiplayer for periods, and these bucks made up our refreshment to enjoy the video games.

In October 2021, the family ushered in the Expansion Pack, Sega Genesis, and Nintendo 64. However, Sega Genesis expansion, which looks like a rivalry to Christopher Columbus and Mungo Park expansion, has added 5 more games to the Nintendo family. Wherever you hear Thunder Force II, Sword of Vermilion, Dynamite Headdy, Toejam & Earl, and Altered Beast, you should know these are all offspring of Sega Genesis. But these thrilling events do come with a price to pay, even though we believed Jesus paid all fees already. Nevertheless, you still have to pay $20 yearly for the regular Switch Online service, $80 for a family plan, and $50 as the alternative yearly family plan. These prices are fair enough for you without breaking the bank, but if you think your bank might be a victim, you can always go for an affordable subscription.

Since Nintendo runs the gauntlet, we have got some feedback from users. Loss of saved data is one major complaint among these players. But the introduction of cloud storage for protecting data should end this trouble.

Nintendo may lead all other game provider services to the promised land in the coming years. Its N64 classic Paper Mario launched at the beginning of this month, and the Banjo-Kazooie available in January is already prophesying the future.

Pick the top War gear for the next Warzone Pacific Season 1

If you will ever make any mistake while playing this season, never play without the right weapons. Luckily, Call of Duty allows you to pick weapons from other games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, so we don’t have to put a search team out looking for a new set of weapons. While this game is still forming, how about we pick the best weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Season 1?

Assault Rifles: STG44 and Automaton

Considering how vast the Caldera is, you would spend your bottom dollar buying this rifle. Don’t forget it is one of the better long-range accuracy shotguns in the Call of Duty market. Even at one’s elbow, STG-44 is a crowd-pleasing weapon which damages per second are more significant and better than many other rifles in this game. You would find this rifle more helpful in the current meta for any loadout.

SMGs: MP-40 and PPSh-41

This rifle should be your choice if you are a lover of close-quarter combat. Even if you decided not to pick this gun, its faster fire rate would tempt you to do so. Vanguard players don’t play with this gun, and you can’t always find it missing in their war gear.

LMGs: MG42 and DP27

LMGs are all-in-one rifles for any combat. Besides being a good option for fighters who crave great damage, players who love longer-range shots would also find it challenging to take their minds off this gear. The major problem here would be picking between MG42 and DP27. If you are in cash, don’t burn your time on any decision, get the two rifles.

Wrap Up

This Friday is another opportunity to loot new and top weapons to keep you going in your gaming adventure at Destiny 2’s Trial of Osiris Rewards. Nothing would be more interesting in this period than playing sports games with superhero characters from Apex League and overwatch. Although the NFT plan is canceled, STALkER never stops stocking you with her thrilling video games. Watch out for the new 5 titles of Sega Genesis, ensure you have a taste of all. Pick the right war gear, shoot long and short-range accurately, and win the ultimate trophy.

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