Ultimate Arcade Upgrades: Apr. 28th, 2022

Ultimate Arcade Upgrades: Apr. 28th, 2022

With April showers soon bringing May flowers, here at Ultimate Arcade we're gearing up for a month of nonstop fun, competition, and making cash from playing video games (I mean, that's every month, but still). But in the meantime, we've got some pretty cool updates for our community!

More Crypto?

What? Even more crypto options? Hell yeah! We listened, and we've implemented Solana deposits and withdraws on the Arcade! Now you can send and receive your cash from crushing the competition with minimal fees, and on a blockchain that isn't ETH! For those of you that can't go without your precious stable coins, don't worry, as we've got USDT and USDC on the Ethereum blockchain too! Don't forget: the first time you deposit, treat yourself to up to $25, on us!

Fortnite, Meet Cyber Worms

Squad, where are we dropping? Cyber Worms Battle Royale is a new game mode that puts you in the middle of all the action. With a 30 token and 300 token lobby, you have the chance to win 600 and 6000 tokens respectively (that's $6 and $60!) when you are the last worm standing in the arena. This new game mode pits up to 20 players against one another in a shrinking map with limited mass scattered around the map. Leave the playable map, and you have two seconds to make it back before you are eliminated. Get taken out by another player? Eliminated. Crushing the competition and being the last worm standing (Slithering? Sliding?) Congrats! You're Cyber Worms Battle Royale royalty. So grab your worm (not that one), hop on in, and fight it out for the best multiplayer game since Doritos Crash Course on the Xbox 360. Seriously, nothing will beat that game... at least not yet.

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