The Future of eSports Wagering

The Future of eSports Wagering

ESports and eSports betting are not new markets, but with the surge in eSports popularity and massive legal reforms both in the U.S and internationally, which allow for more lenient online wagering, eSports wagering is about to become an extremely lucrative market. According to financial news media, the global eSports betting market is expected to surpass $205 billion by 2027. That is a staggering increase of over 1000% from the $​​17.2 billion in 2020. The eSports boom is partly due to its availability during the pandemic lockdowns, but also there is now a generation of young adults who have had video games as part of their everyday life. ESports popularity is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down as significant money is being spent, invested, and earned in the eSports space.

For Casinos, eSports presents a unique opportunity to capture the 21-30-year-old demographic absent in the traditional gambling space. Casinos have struggled to bring in younger customers as slot machines, and classic card games do not have the pull they once had. ESports, especially within the U.S, is novel to the industry. Regulation is nascent as only a few matches are approved as states adjust to modern times and technology. Still, it won’t be long before legal and regulatory reform set a clear path for legal, regulated eSports wagers. At Ultimate Tournament, we are in a position to service both the international and U.S industry. The Ultimate Tournament eSportsbook™ can stand alone as a single product that services B2C customers or can be rebranded and partnered with large organizations to serve their customers, with their brand, but with Ultimate Tournament technology. Ultimate Tournament plans to fit in a unique vertical of a rapidly growing industry and to help drive the future of entertainment.

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