Minecraft 1.18 Update (What's New?)

Minecraft 1.18 Update (What's  New?)

Minecraft 1.18 is the second part of the highly anticipated cave overhaul update. The 1.18 update mainly focuses on quality of life changes and enhancements to the prior cave update. Arguably the best part about this update is the world changes and the increased height limit which was originally 256 but has now been changed to 320 which is awesome. Because of the increased height limit, it will now allow for some super tall mountains and remarkable diversity in the Minecraft world. Ultimately though many fans of Minecraft are skeptical of this change questioning if it will even make an impact on the player experience. That we will find out.

What's New?

Compared to previous updates, Minecraft 1.18 is a bit lacking on brand new content, however, that aside, it does include some very well-needed quality of life improvements that help balance out the game more. It is also a competition of the previous cave update which had some problems that have been fixed in this update. One of those problems was the inability to access the lush cave and the dripstone cave. Prior to the 1.18 update, these caves were not accessible unless you used the experimental gameplay toggle which allowed you to view these caves. Thankfully though 1.18 has fixed this and these caves will now spawn naturally without the need of having to toggle on experimental gameplay. Another thing that has been fleshed out is the transitioning of the brand new cave and cliff system into Minecraft. Thanks to the height limit being increased, caves will now be much larger and expansive compared to versions of the past. The height increase also allows for some enormous mountains and cliffs of grand sizes. With the addition of increased height, ores can now be found practically anywhere. Long are the days of digging deep just to find iron when iron can now be found as high up as the mountains. I feel like this change is super helpful in survival play since ore can sometimes be tedious to locate, so this is definitely a welcome addition. Ore veins are also a prevalent new feature in this update. Though rare, they offer the player a chance to mine a monstrous amount of ores which is super cool.

Besides all of the major additions that have been added in this update, there are also some minor lesser-known features in this update. These include:

  • New music disc (Lena Raine)
  • Biomes have merged
  • 6 new mountain sub-biomes
  • Caves can now extend from the top of the world to the bottom
  • Hostile mobs can now only spawn if the light level is 0
  • Players can no longer spawn in a "disadvantaged area"
  • Structures such as the Jungle Temple and the Desert Temple no longer spawn in water
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

As you can tell this update is mostly just an overhaul to the previous cave system in Minecraft along with some minor tweaks to outdated features that are in dire need of an update. This update is designed with the user experience in mind, Mojang wanted to create an update that caters to the player, and I feel as though they did a solid job in executing that goal.

Is The Update Good?

It is most certainly not the greatest update in Minecraft history, but it gets the job done and adds a decent amount of content to satisfy gamers. I'd say the most redeeming quality of this update would be its user-oriented approach to the game. This update takes out a lot of the jank and outdated mechanics in favor of making the experience more modern and friendlier towards gamers. The increased height limit and overhauled cave system is also a really nice improvement allowing for caves to be vastly more fun to explore. In a way, this update feels like the cherry on top of the cake. The first part of the cave update was already quite interesting, but this update is like the definitive version of 1.17. Yes, it's not perfect, but for an update, it adds a lot of improvements to annoying features like creepers spawning in a dimly lit room, or a player spawning in a pool of lava.

Overall the second part to the ever-so-popular cave update has now been complete, and I must say it is not bad at all. A lot of innovation and change was present in this update, especially with the all-new cave system and height limit increase. The first part of the cave update had more of an emphasis on the caves, but the second part on the other hand was more focused on the mountains and finishing touches to the cave update. I think it was very smart of Mojang to separate this update into two parts considering the length and complexity of the features being added. Now that everything has been finalized, the cave update is a huge and major change to Minecraft. This update will revolutionize the cave system from just a simple and bland chunk of stone to a large and expansive region of caves. The addition of taller cliffs and mountains also contributes to the scale of caves as well. So all in all this update will change the way you see caves in Minecraft.

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