Introducing Ultimate Arcade Kill Races

Introducing Ultimate Arcade Kill Races

Welcome to the premiere skills-based online arcade. Please remember that skills-based contests are not legal everywhere, and you must be 18+ to participate.

Ultimate Arcade is introducing a whole new way to play: Daily Kill Races!

The rules of the Kill Race are simple: kill as many other players as you can in your preferred lobby: if you make it to the top of the leaderboard, you can win up to 50x your lobby price!

Kill Races will normally run from 6pm-10pm EST; however, for our Mar. 18th public launch, we will be starting the kill race at 7pm and running it until 10pm. Starting Saturday, Mar. 19th, Kill Races will run from 6pm-10pm EST every day.

Our public leaderboard will track everyone's kills, letting you know just how close you are to taking home the prize! Speaking of, here are the prizes you can expect from each lobby:

Lobby Price in Tokens 1st Place Prize in Tokens
0 100
10 500
100 1500
500 2500
1000 10000

Winners will have the tokens deposited into their accounts immediately upon winning the Kill Race. There is no limit to how many times you can win a Kill Race, so make sure to check back tomorrow to compete and win!

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